Beyond Lines – 2020

Prelude: Melancholy of the Future

Beyond Lines – 2020 - plexiglass 800 x 109 x 8mm

presentation at MDD

Prelude: Melancholy of the Future

Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens, Deurle Exhibition: 5 - 29 November 2020

Prelude: Melancholy of the Future questions the possibility of anticipating the future at the end of an immensely challenging year. The works in the exhibition play on ideas of prediction, retrospection and longing, suggesting alternatives to the progressist logic of before-and-after.

As a charity exhibition, all the works in Prelude: Melancholy of the Future are for sale, privately during the exhibition or via auction during the gala event on 14 November. Because the cultural sector across the board has been hard hit this year, the exhibition’s proceeds will be shared between Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens, the participating artists, and in many cases their galleries. Prelude: Melancholy of the Future is therefore an opportunity to reflect on how to sustain a museum over time thanks to its communities of support.

Participating artists

Ida Barbarigo, Meriem Bennani, Pierre Bismuth, Katinka Bock, Manon de Boer, Lucia Bru, Michael Dean, Edith Dekyndt, Kasper De Vos, Lieve D’hondt, David Douard, Jeronimo Elespe, Luca Frei, Ryan Gander, Anna Bella Geiger, Thomas Hirschhorn, Gary Hume, Patricia Leite, Jonathan Meese, Bjarne Melgaard, Philip Metten, Yuko Nasaka, Antonio Obá, Hans Op de Beeck, Shahpour Pouyan, Laure Prouvost, Chris Huen Sin Kan, Tal R, Magali Reus, Giangiacomo Rossetti, David Tremlett, Rinus Van de Velde, Paul Van Hoeydonck, Atelier Van Lieshout, and Richard Venlet.

Curated by Antony Hudek and designed by Richard Venlet, Prelude: Melancholy of the Future is accompanied by a catalogue with commissioned essays by Edith Doove and Oscar van den Boogaard.

Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens

With over fifty years of significant exhibitions, MDD is about to embark on the first phase of a long-term renovation plan, starting with its famed ‘pavilion’ wing. Prelude: Melancholy of the Future is its last exhibition before renovation.

Museumlaan 14, 9831 Sint-Martens-Latem, Belgium

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