White - The Spiral Staircase

a collaboration with Esther Venrooij (NL)
Screening Compositions, New York March 2021

video still
video still
video still

Video: Lieve D'hondt - Audio: Esther Venrooij

Screen Compositions is a mini-festival of moving-image/video/film + audio/sound/music collaborative works. It is known since 17 years now.

curator: Katherine Liberovskaya, March 2021 - NY



You can find the link to the streaming page by clicking on the SCREEN COMPOSITIONS link on the homepage of the website: www.experimentalintermedia.org

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audio-video concert De Pont, Tilburg - The Netherlands – 2008

audio-video concert Entr'act, Netwerk, Aalst – 2007

Esther Venrooij

White-05, Knokke